Shutting Down and What's Next

The decision to shut down does not mean we have failed or that we no longer believe in the systems and processes we created. Quite the contrary, we believe in them very much. These tools we have created will be an integral part in the next stage of our journey, helping us as we integrate into new companies and new teams. We believe in them so much we’d like to share with you one of the tools the team developed shortly before this year began.

As a team, we created a system for processing and rolling out new ideas, projects, departments, and campaigns, with excellence and intentionality. They are our parting gift to you, our family, our followers, our clients.

Remember, in all that we do, to be intentional. We believe following this model helps us and our projects to be great. We believe this process helps us weed through the distractions that come along. It is a process Caitlyn and Jason wish they had when they started Noodlehead Studios.  
This process would have saved them many a follies and distractions along the road.

IDEMA - A framework for capturing & sustaining ideas.

Idea - Capture Our Idea.
Discovery - Establish Intentions & Plan To Sustain.
Execution - Start, Finish & Prepare To Maintain.
Maintenance - Sustain Our Idea.
Audit - Determine Our Assessed Idea’s Fate.
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Continue to follow our journey as we seek to pursue God's vision for our lives and our talents.

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