The Years of Heartache


There were many who were hurt as we struggled to find our voice and identity. Some who were run over by us as we rushed towards a goal, and some who were left behind confused as we got distracted by the busyness that surrounded us.

After two years of being newlywed full time students, the pair succeeded in launching Noodlehead Studios. Their focus shifted full time into launching this company and generating revenue to support the films the pair hoped to create. Their goals and aspirations seemed noble enough on the surface, they wanted to weave CS Lewis style stories and spread the gospel through the film medium.

However, they soon discovered, as many young entrepreneurs do, that unless you are highly focused and intentional you can quickly become a slave to your dreams. Noodlehead Studios was a full service creative company offering a wide range of products and services.

We successfully generated a living for the pair as well as a team of talented people. Through all this 'success' they became distracted from their original goal, to creatively share the gospel through thought provoking stories. Their entire lives were slave to the company in the early years, with the offices taking up all but one small room in the couples 1100 square foot condo. Had this company been their dream, had they set out to create a creative service marketing company, perhaps the tight quarters wouldn't have taken such a toll on them. This wasn't their dream though, it was just a means to an end, the other 'woman' in their marriage.

As teens, Jason and Caitlyn had both valued friendships and relationships. Quality time spent with people getting to know them on a deeper level is at the core of who the pair is.The breakneck pace they kept, and the rapid unstructured growth they experienced, made for less than excellent communication and no accountability. This led to many failed relationships. In a very real way they hurt and were hurt by people they loved and cared for beyond the business they were doing with them. These hurts hardened many hearts in many ways.

The subsequent years symbolized the birth of a newfound sense of purpose and identity.

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