Special Thanks


We have so many to thank for this journey, lets get started!

Thank you God for being with us in every step of this journey.

Thank you Jason Montoya, Len Wikberg, Wayne Dugdale and Beth Coetzee for being a part of our transformation team and being willing to stick it out until the end.

Thank you Caitlyn Montoya!

Thank you Greg D'Abate, Brad Niksa, Vera Ivaniskaya, Daisy Allen, Beca Burke, Italia Metts, and Donna Zeidan for being great team members!

Thank you Leaders Lyceum, Precision Pain Relief Center, Capital Ideas, Dario Associates, Ecotech Machinery, Lisa Ethridge, Donald Baggett, Kauffman Design, Key Music Center, Sterling Planet, Attention to Detail, and Joe Kissack (The Fourth Fisherman) for being awesome clients!

Thank you David Haun and our friends at HADCO, the Viking Cooking School and Builder Specialties. We appreciate all of the work you sent our way :)

Thank you Ryan Smith and our friends at ReachLocal. We appreciate your friendship and the business you referred our way.

Thank you Norman Plunkett and Leonard Wikberg we appreciate your support and involvement along the way.

Thank you Clarice from Cooper Quarters Horse. By hiring us, you helped launch our company.

Thank you Craig Haynie, Joe Kaufman, David Johnson, John Lehmberg, Don Neder, James Altamirano, Kassi Hyde, Scott Dios, Phillip Robider, Benson Martin, Travis Dommert (& irunurun), , Jean Vallee, Bob Burden, Andy Lowe, Sam Rasmussen, Christy Montoya, James Rowell (Generations Norcross), Jonathan Galucki, Rayann Larsen, Kim Jones, April Farlow, our friends at Waterbrook Multnomah, Dennis & Colleen Rouse (Victory World Church) and Tom Biondolillo for being a awesome friends and supporters.

Thank you Win Without Pitching. You helped us think differently.

Thank you to anyone else we missed!

boat on the water