How We Started


Long before Noodlehead Marketing co-founder and CEO Jason Montoya had his curls, he was a fun-loving, energetic teenage boy. People loved him for his uncanny ability to weave together fun and adventure anyone could take part in. The name 'Noodlehead' stemmed from his fun-loving nature as he called anyone he thought was silly or goofy a Noodlehead. When he finally grew his hair out and discovered his natural curls the name turned back on him, and though not the original Noodlehead, he became the most memorable.
Attracted to his fun-loving nature and his passion for God and the gospel, Caitlyn, became a part of his make shift production team. Their friendship blossomed into love and, in 2005 the two married. They moved from their hometown in Arizona to Atlanta in hopes of pursuing Jason's dream of telling stories through film.


The next stage of our journey is marked by the headstones of broken relationships.

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