After operating with intentionality and being an excellent company, we thought redeeming our past errors was the end of the story, but this stage has taught us there is more. Communication flowed excellently and employees and clients were held accountable leading to great work. We began to get a fuller picture of the reconciliation God had in store for us as a company.

In the midst of this heyday, we found ourselves homeless. We had to quickly move out of the space we had been occupying and into a smaller transitional office space. While we searched for a new home, we lost our largest client due to a change in business model. It felt as though we were being ushered into another season of transition, so the team called for prayer and direction as to our next step.

After discussing the situation, Jason encouraged his wife to pray for guidance. The answers she gave them directed the team to a Levitical text concerning the Sabbath year (Shemitah), a year of rest and release. The team did a small bible study on the text and set up guidelines and boundaries concerning the year. They then paused to think about it some more, and finally unanimously came to the agreement that the company would take a Sabbath year.

Things were going great, so why would we decide to suddenly stop everything, change, and take a leap of faith? Because we trusted God to do more with less. After turning our wheels full speed for 6 years we had learned that God’s timing is perfect. We could run the race full speed or we could walk it, but God’s timing is perfect and can’t be changed.

At first, we had hopes it would simply be a year of rest and release from the former resentments and hurts that had been formed after years of operating poorly with no intentionality. Many of us hoped and expected that with the release from these former mistakes a new Noodlehead would emerge, one more financially diversified able to launch into our next season with ease and comfort. However in recent months it has become apparent this company, while great, is not anyone’s dream or vision for serving God. As much as Jason had changed the company, it could never remove the pain and hardships that it had caused his marriage early on. The Noodlehead team will always be family, but it is time for the team to leave the nest, taking what they have learned and launching into new heights and more focused purpose and vision in the next phase of their lives.

Reflection and What's Next?

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