A Call to Change


We sought out clarity and understanding and began to redeem some broken patterns and relationships from our past.

Shortly after the birth of their first child, and Caitlyn's exit from the company, Jason began to look at where they were and what they had become. He didn't like what he saw. He didn't like the direction the company was heading or the message it was portraying to the world. He didn't like the dynamics or the corporate culture that had been created. Together with a great team at his side he began working on changing Noodlehead Studios into Noodlehead Marketing.

Having always had friends that were practically family growing up, Jason wanted to create a culture of family, a workplace and environment the employees wanted to come to. He desired a place where the staff of highly talented artists could come and feel safe to be creative. He wanted his team to know relationships were more important than getting another dollar to fund a feature film.

The Noodlehead team came up with a code by which we would all operate. Structures and systems that allowed for creativity and individual voices to be a part of the every day. Knowing that intentional organizations reflect excellence, our purpose became being an example of excellence and accountability to inspire others. We committed to be passionate, to love, to respect, to serve, to actively change to become better, and to always listen and share ideas.

In 2012, we had implemented our vision and were pushing forward in our mission. We had finally become a great company, the kind of company a Noodlehead could really be proud of. While it seemed great, there were still under currents of resentment floating through it all. Resentment between Jason and Caitlyn and the stress the company had put on their marriage, resentment between Jason and the company because it just wasn't his dream or his passion.

The next stage of our journey is one full of reconciliation.

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